chal-lenge: noun a calling to account or into question

Follow along as I challenge the tricks, tips, clever craft and decorating ideas and "simple" recipes that we clip, bookmark, and "pin" for trial at a later date.

Are they really worth the effort? Time (and I) will tell!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Challenge #5

Given the later date of this post, you can see that we have been having a little trouble either coming up with ideas or being motivated enough to get them done. I have been collecting some great ideas on Pinterest while Mom has been visiting yard
sales. I find the Pinterest route much easier. It’s difficult to come up with an idea on the spot at a yard sale. Most often you find a lot of the same household stuff and it isn’t especially inspirational.

So I was cruising along on Pinterest the other day and came across an idea to make hats out of old sweaters. There is no shortage of used clothing stores in my area so off I went in search of materials. There was so much to choose from! The sweaters with some type of banding on the bottom work out the best because they hold their shape very nicely. No sweater cost more than $2. I did feel a little badly about cutting up perfectly nice sweaters and maybe taking them away from some poor little child, but there were plenty more from which they could choose. I tried on the peach sweater and decided it fit nicely and was too cute to cut up so I replaced it with a yellow cotton sweater (not pictured).