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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Glassware Exchange

It’s no secret that I have a thing for “stuff”.  I so often boast about my finds that you might think I have a house just full of my flea market finds.  Not the case!  I have a very uptight decorating style:  a few special pieces and some regulated pieces of artwork on the walls of each room.  I can’t apologize for being so structured.  I like a nice orderly house and hey, it saves on dusting.

 I really think it’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps me shopping.  That and my fear of missing a bargain outweigh my need for an orderly house.  I also like to imagine the story behind each piece. Although I’m very good about not buying things that I don’t have a place or a use for, it doesn’t stop me from trying to find a home for something really special. 

Recently I was making my usual round of “junk” shops and found these sweet little bar glasses.  I don’t believe they have ever been used.  The gold leaf is in perfect condition and the glass itself is clear and unscratched.  I can imagine they were a wedding present to someone in the late 50’s.  I have a feeling this was a bride who never drank and didn’t encourage her husband to do so either.  Very unusual for that time period (at least from what I know from watching Mad Men).  I’m sure she appreciated the thought but that she packed them away and waited for that special occasion that never came.  What other reason could there be for not using something so beautiful? 

The set included 16 glasses that were priced at a mere $12. I had no use for the glasses but was having a hard time leaving them behind.  I had already found the authentic Mad Men bar glasses for my daughter and she didn’t need any more.  I have a sister who collects vintage glasses but she has so many I didn’t really think she would want more.  Surprise!  I sent her a picture and she said “yes”!  It wasn’t long before these little beauties were purchased and packaged up ready to go.
That same night I received a text message with a photo of some coffee cups and saucers that my sister thought I might like. She shipped the cups from Florida and I shipped the glasses from New York.  How funny that we each received our package on the same day.  The cups and glasses although each beautiful in their own way are only things while the connection between sisters is priceless.  Connections can be made through the most simple of things. How nice that this time this glassware exchange could do that for us. 

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