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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mexican Pillow

I have just finished a really fun project!  While making the rounds through the pre-owned clothing section of one of my favorite shops, I came across this fascinating vest.  Isn’t it great? 
Anyone observing me walking through these stores must really get a show as I gasp and laugh out loud over some of the things I find.  And then I grab them like someone else is shadowing me just waiting to take my great find right out of my hands. This was definitely one of those pieces.  Take a peek at these adorable reptiles.  Who wouldn’t just laugh out loud?

The vest as a piece of clothing really isn’t my style but the pieced squares used to make the vest are really well done.  I felt certain that I could deconstruct the piece and turn it into a pillow for someone else’s home.  Really, what am I going to do with a Mexican reptile pillow?  It doesn’t exactly fit my traditional décor.  But I know someone down south with a lovely patio where a pillow like this would feel quite at home. Sold, for $1!
There was quite a bit of decorative stitching that had to be picked out along with the seams.  I situated myself out on my deck with a drink nearby and got to work.  I was proud of myself for taking my time and really thinking before I made any cuts.  Maybe the sun and the cheerful fabric had a bit to do with that.
My patience sure paid off as I was able to reuse some of the red fabric to create the fourth edge and the lining as the back of the pillow.  It was a pretty easy job to sew the back and front of the pillow together.  It all worked out so nicely. I just love it when that happens. Isn’t it a festive little piece?

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