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Friday, August 30, 2013

Stepping Stone

My husband has been working steadily on the construction of a camp in Loon Lake which is in the Adirondacks. It’s exciting enough to see the structure rise and indoor plumbing be installed but it’s also exciting to be getting to the point of talking about finishes and finishing touches.  We aren’t quite there yet, but adding a little touch when we can gives us a little encouragement and allows us to dream of the time when our vacation home will be complete. 


Last year my sister and her husband gave us thisbeautiful stepping stone with the signature loon in the center  We’re a long way off from any landscaping so the stone has been just leaning up against the wall waiting for a home..
  This spring my husband and I were working away when we both looked at the stone and then each other and said, “Something special needs to be done with this stone.” 


Our idea was to create a decorative focal point that would grab your eye when you walk into the camp.  The half wall that encloses the kitchen seemed the perfect spot. Tom did some quick measuring and we brought the stone home with us to get started on our project.  I have been nagging about wanting to use some stone in the interior but up until now, Tom hasn’t been receptive to the idea.  That is until now. 


We found sheets of river rock at Lowe’s that quite conveniently fit into the allotted space.  Tom did have to trim around the circular stepping stone but the sheets are made with mesh and are really easy to cut.  Any extra stones were used to fill in here and there where needed. Once the stones were attached to the backer board, it was time to grout.  I had the great idea of using a pastry bag and filling in around the stones.  Yikes!  It took us both about 3 hours of back breaking work to get all the cracks filled.  After letting the grout dry, we decided that we didn’t like the rough look and added another layer of grout to smooth it all out.  We both agree that it looks much better this way.


Ta da! Isn’t this just the perfect little touch? It makes us smile every time we walk in the door.  I know we will add other touches along the way but this one is very special.


  1. This is gorgeous Collette! What a great use of a stepping stone that might otherwise get smothered up outside. Our camp is close to the "other" Loon Lake...near Owl's Head and Mountainview towns and lakes.

  2. Thanks, Becky! It's always fun to find new uses for things. I think our camps are in the same general area. .