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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rustic Log Lamp

Camp decorating continues with this little project.  I’m having a good time creating pieces that refurbish flea market finds with a nod to nature. Part of my challenge is to spend as little money on the pieces as possible and I feel that I’m doing pretty well.  It’s also fun decorating a space where I can use the terms rustic and shabby chic to excuse any slip-ups.  Hey, don’t judge me I’m having fun. 


I was sitting outside our camp a few weeks ago enjoying the fresh air and scenery when a light bulb lit up in my head.  How about a lamp made out of a log?  It might sound crazy but lamps can be made from just about anything.  Wouldn’t a log lamp be perfect in the living room?  This was an idea I had to run by Tom because he would be the one to assemble it all.  Of course he was up for the challenge and went out to the woodpile to see what he could find.  Voila!  The perfect log was just waiting to be snapped up.  What makes a perfect log you may ask?  One that is already cut to size is handy for sure.  A nicely textured bark with a little moss growing up the side doesn’t hurt either.


Tom fashioned a base out of a piece of the maple we recently purchased to make up the bar.  So far the project cost is $0!  Unfortunately he couldn’t use any of the old lamp parts in my arsenal and purchased new pieces for $15. Once assembled, I sanded the base and applied several coats of polyurethane.  I started with a spray so as not to disturb any of the moss.  Once all the intriguing bits and pieces were adhered I brushed on the really durable stuff.  Nice!


Now for the lampshade.  If you’ve ever shopped for lampshades you know how expensive they can be.  Besides, I wanted something a little out of the ordinary.  I knew how I wanted to remake the shade but didn’t want to spend even the $10 it would cost to buy a new one to use as a base.  Hmm, which of my “junk” shops has the most potential?  The Salvation Army!  There I found a disgustingly dirty lampshade in the right size and shape for $.99.  What a find!


After cleaning up the lampshade, I started covering it with some jute I found in my stash.  I dabbed a bit of glue here and there to hold it all in place.  Ah, just the style I wanted.  As a little extra touch, I attached a ceramic leaf I had hanging around in my box of fall decorations. I think this will be just perfect as a woodsy accent piece in the living room.  At a cost of $16 who wouldn’t want a lamp made from a log?  Don’t all speak up at once…..

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